Don't be caught at your locked door without a key ever again!

Don't be caught at your locked door without a key ever again!
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Your kiddo’s off to college and his dorm room awaits. You know, though, he can be forgetful, so you’re a tad concerned that one day he will lock himself out. With the BOSMA Aegis Smart Door Lock, he can focus on his studies rather than where he left his keys.

Yes, it’s happened to the best of us. We get to the front door, only to realize that our keys are not on our person. We check our pockets, our bags, our pockets again. We pat ourselves down and once again dig into our pockets. Then the anxiety sets in. How are we going to get in? If we’re lucky there’s a window that’s open or easy to jimmy, but who knows how the neighbors will react? Perhaps the old credit card hack could work, but locks these days are a little more sophisticated, so that option is out. Call a locksmith? How expensive is that going to be?

Introducing the Bosma Aegis Smart Door Lock

So as visions of your newly minted freshman standing in front of his locked dorm room door without his key, knowing that there’s a big test tomorrow and all his study materials are inside, are swirling through your head, you know that there has to be a better way. And you would be right.

The BOSMA Aegis Smart Door Lock is the perfect solution. It easily converts any deadbolt into a smart lock that can be opened with the use of your phone (for we all know, that while we may lose sight of our keys we are never without our phones!). This ingenious gadget will not only let you in through your locked door with the help of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, it will also alert you if you’ve left the door ajar and will notify you of any detected break-ins. And while you’ll be able to share access with family and guests, you can also rest easy knowing that, thanks to Aegis’s bank-grade AES-128 Advanced Encryption, there can be no unauthorized access to your home.

So in addition to his new laptop, his subscription to MS Office, an app or two to enhance his learning experience, and a golf simulator (hey, he’s gotta have SOME fun!), equip your student with this BOSMA Aegis Smart Door Lock. During our Back to Education Event, you can receive an additional $20 off the already reduced price. Using code SMARTLOCK, this door lock can be yours for $79.99 from now until August 24th. At this price, why not get one for yourself as well?

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