Never be in the dark again with this Green Monday solar deal

Never be in the dark again with this Green Monday solar deal
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Last year Americans were in the dark, literally, for 1.33 billion hours. 2020 saw a rise in power outages, not surprising given the increasingly violent weather we are experiencing. Yet less than 3% of U.S. households have standby generators installed.

We are a society that can’t live without our electricity. Like the blood flowing through our veins, the current that runs through the wires that connect our appliances, charges our devices, illuminates our lights, and even fuels our cars, has become vital to our existence. All Americans have access to electricity and we have come to rely upon our modern conveniences.

Whether you’re a victim of a blackout or are one of a small percentage of the population who has decided to live off the grid, having alternate power is going to keep you comfortable and secure. This package offers a backup battery power station and a portable solar power unit, both designed to ensure that you can continue to operate your appliances and your devices when you cannot connect to electricity.

Generark: The Most Reliable Emergency Power Supply for Your Home.

The HomePower ONE will supply you with up to seven days of power with a single charge, and features three AC outlets with pure sine wave, four USB outlets, and one car outlet. Fast and eco-friendly, the SolarPower ONE has an ultra-high 200-watt power output and a high conversation rate, thanks to the monocrystalline solar cells.

Rated 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, this package includes everything you need to keep your family up and running in the event of an emergency. During our Green Monday promotion, you can get both these power generators at 20% off our already discounted price. By entering the promotion code GREEN20 at checkout, you will pay only $1,119.20 (regularly $1,897). You never know when disaster may strike (or the Christmas lights overload your circuits!) and you find yourself groping around in the dark. Always be prepared.

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