Stream premium content without compromising security or speed for $49

Stream premium content without compromising security or speed for $49
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Are you always looking for the latest movies or tv shows to binge-watch? This smart streaming platform gives you access to over 500 global channels from leading platforms while also protecting your data.

Whether traveling or winding down after a long day at work, relaxing with your favorite new show should be easy and not compromise your security. The Getflix Smart DNS & VPN: Lifetime Subscription is the best way to bring all your favorite content into one hub while protecting your privacy.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, the platform prides itself on offering a more profound and broader collection than any other service. Getflix Smart provides you with curated content from all over the world on any device, including PCs, phones, smart TVs, consoles, and more.

With SSL secured with 256-bit encryption, you'll get the ultimate protection at super-fast speeds, no matter the content. Whether you're streaming the latest true crime mini-series or a new Hulu documentary, you'll be able to watch from any device. Engaging in on-demand content watching is more accessible without logging, analyzing, inspecting, or archiving any of your data.

With features on Lifehacker, PCMag, Choice, Digital Spy, Entrepreneur, and more, Getflix Smart is quickly raking up top reviews. Verified buyer Patrick S. describes Getflix Smart DNS & VPN as "The best smart DNS system available anywhere" and touches on the metadata it focuses on through the VPN. He states that the service "offer[s] you speed beyond any VPN while keeping your IP concealed classic. [It's a] VPN with really good performance."

While the Getflix Smart DNS & VPN: Lifetime Subscription is regularly priced at $540, this endless content bundle sells for just $49. Take advantage of this low-cost opportunity and catch up on all the latest award-winning content from around the globe while also staying safe.

Prices subject to change.