This ultrasonic and eco-friendly mosquito repellent is under $20

This ultrasonic and eco-friendly mosquito repellent is under $20
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Are you a magnet for mosquitos? This innovative super shield will keep away those pesky critters. Stay bite-free while also being eco-friendly with the Super Shield Mosquito Repellent Electronic Watch Band.

This watch band's innovative technology has been proven to drive 70% of mosquitos far away from wherever you go. Whether hiking, BBQing, gardening, walking, or even sleeping, you won't have to worry about getting eaten alive.

How does it work? Mainly constructed from waterproof silicone, the durable mosquito-repelling watch band uses an ultrasonic, electric design that imitates the sounds of mosquitos. The Super Shield band is long-lasting and doesn't require a lot of energy, providing great mileage for everyday wear. With a battery life of up to 130 hours per charge, you can wear it for long periods without worrying about powering up.

Three easy-to-adjust modes — indoor, outdoor, and silent mode — allow for various settings depending on your activity for the day. The band also comes in either classic black or white, fitting seamlessly with any wardrobe. No chemicals or toxic sprays are ever used to ward off the tiny yet painfully annoying creatures. Strap the band on your wrist and go on with your activities with ease.

The rave reviews keep coming in. Verified buyer Tiffany Strodthoff states, "[I] use it while mowing in the evening noticeable difference in the frequency of bites and other flies circling around," while Mark Singer reviews, "Very stylish item that so far looks to do the trick! Also easy to operate and very light on the wrist."

Regularly priced at $39, the Super Shield Mosquito Repellent Electronic Watch Band can be yours at 57% off and only $16.99. Protect yourself from virus-carrying mosquitos and enjoy picnics, camping, and other outdoor activities with this easy-to-use, toxic-free device.

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