The world's thinnest voice-activated recorder is now under $40

The world's thinnest voice-activated recorder is now under $40
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Sometimes it's vital to record a meeting or a lecture to listen to at a later time. But doing so constantly on our phones can use data we may not have. This 64GB Mini Voice Activated Recorder holds 64GB for recording on the go.

Boasting a thickness of 5 mm, a width of 23 mm, and a height of 43mm, this pocket-sized voice-activated recorder has been named the world's thinnest voice-activated recorder. Easily fitting into any bag, wallet, or pocket, the convenient recorder captures up to 750 hours of high-quality recordings on its robust 64GB memory bank — allowing you to record vital meetings or conversations anywhere easily and play them back as many times as you need.

With a powerful 230mAh rechargeable battery, the device produces 24 hours of battery life and 145 hours of recording time per charge. A one-key recording switch makes it amazingly simple to turn the recorder on and off, while its intelligent voice-activated mode can conveniently start recording when sound is recognized and stops once it's quiet. Other key features include PCM triple noise reduction and 360° panoramic recording for clear audio sound capturing and natural sounding recordings every time it's used.

The complete kit also comes with an audio transfer cable, a USB cable for easy charging, and a wired earphone. It makes the perfect gift for the journalist, busy executive, or constant documenter in your life. Plus, no extra software is needed in order to make the recorder work. Simply connect the included headphone jack and playback your audio to listen to your latest recording. It's that easy!

Regularly priced at $52, the 64GB Mini Voice Activated Recorder is now price-dropped to $39.99 — saving you nearly 25%. Never miss an important key detail during a critical lecture, meeting, or interview with this long-lasting, high-quality gadget.

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