We've seen a number of electronic bike locks lately, and we've also seen several GPS units that let you track the whereabouts of your two-wheeler if it gets stolen. The new Deeper lock, however, combines the two in one bicycle-mounted weatherproof device.

Like the existing Linka lock, Deeper is permanently mounted on the bike's seat stays, just above the rear wheel. When activated by an app on your Bluetooth-linked smartphone, its hardened steel locking mechanism slides through the wheel, immobilizing it – if you want to lock the bike to a nearby object such as a sign post, a chain/cable or an additional lock will be required.

Should someone subsequently try carrying the bike away or otherwise monkeying with it, a motion detector in the lock will cause a 110-decibel alarm to sound. At the same time, a GSM text notification will get sent to your phone. The lock's GPS unit will also be activated, so that you can check where your bike has gone if you don't get to the "crime scene" in time.

Like the locking process, unlocking Deeper is also accomplished via your smartphone. If the phone's battery dies, you can utilize an included NFC tag, or simply log-in to the app on someone else's phone. The app also lets you grant lock access to other people who wish to borrow your bike, plus it alerts you when the lock's lithium-polymer battery is getting low.

As with the Ellipse (formerly known as the Skylock), though, Deeper has built-in solar panels that help to keep the battery topped up between full charges.

The designers of the lock are currently seeking production funds on Kickstarter, where a pledge of US$179 will get you one – assuming all goes according to plans, that is. The estimated retail price is $299.

Deeper can be seen in use, in the following video.

Source: Kickstarter

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