Delta fleet to get in-flight WiFi

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August 9, 2008 Delta Airlines is set to introduce broadband Wi-Fi access onboard more than 330 aircraft operating in the continental United States. The company's passengers will be able to surf the web at 35,000 feet from next year at a cost of $9.95 on flights lasting up to three hours and $12.95 on longer trips.

The airline will use Aircell's Gogo service which makes use of a US-wide network of mobile broadband ground-towers. The Aircell system can be installed overnight and is billed as a light, space-efficient and cost-effective inflight Internet solution.

The service will initially be rolled out on Delta’s fleet of 133 MD88/90 aircraft followed by its 200+ Boeing 737, 757 and 767-300 aircraft. The full installation, which will provide Wi-Fi access on more than 1,000 daily flights, should be completed by summer 2009.

Via Delta Airlines.

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