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Delta’s Lie-Flat Airline Seats

Delta’s Lie-Flat Airline Seats
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October 13, 2006 Long haul flights can indeed feel very long if you’re not comfortable when attempting to sleep, so we’ll bet that there will be many of our readers eyeing the new Delta fully-horizontal BusinessElite sleeper suites and picturing themselves catching zeds in much more comfort than ever before when travelling. The reclining seat adjusts to multiple comfortable positions, including a completely flat surface offering travelers a 6-foot 3-inch bed. Whatsmore, there’s a privacy screen that incorporates a pull out meal table, fold-out video monitor, integrated footrest and personal stowage compartment for bags, shoes or blankets. All the sleeper suites will offer on-demand digital video and music at every suite and immediate access to the aisle so they don’t have to disturb another passenger when exiting their seat.

Designed by Contour Premium Aircraft Seating, the new seats will be introduced in early 2008, when the airline takes delivery of two new Boeing 777 Long Range (LR) aircraft.

Beginning in fall 2008, Delta will add a sleeper seat to the rest of its 777 fleet. The airline also expects to offer a lie-flat option on its 767 aircraft. These modifications are expected to be complete by 2010.

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