Of all the shapes and sizes that multitools come in these days, the form of a credit card is a highly practical one. The latest to follow this line of thinking comes from accessory maker Disc, which has taken to Kickstarter with a sleek sheet of titanium that packs more than 21 tools into a wallet-friendly frame.

Disc calls its latest creation the MultiCard Multitool and has designed the implement for everyday carry, with a total weight of just 44 g (1.55 oz). Despite its light weight and small size, the company says the tool is capable of performing more than 21 functions thanks to the carefully placed voids that have been carved out of its surface.

Perhaps the most versatile of these is the hex bit holder, which can accommodate any quarter-inch hex bit. These fit into the adjacent bit driver and, depending on what bit you decide to slot in on the day, enable the MultiCard Multitool to take on a range of driving tasks.

Also onboard is a universal drill guide covering seven bit sizes, a ruler, protractor, rope cutter, bottle opener, staple remover, nail puller and can opener. The top two corners serve as flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers, while a cutout in the center serves as a series of wrenches in both metric and imperial sizes.

Other additions include a wire stripper, bike spoke wrenches, a box cutter and an oxygen wrench should you need to pop open a fresh bottle of O2.

Disc is asking for pledges of US$35 for its titanium MultiCard Multitool over at its Kickstarter campaign, while it will also offer a stainless steel version for early pledges of $25. If the campaign runs as planned, it hopes to start shipping in November 2019.

You can check out the pitch video below.

Source: Disc

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