June 8, 2009 Packing your favorite toys and making for the great outdoors doesn't have to mean firing up the gas-guzzling 4WD and hitching a dual-axle trailer. Light-weight trailers make sense - they save fuel, eliminate the need for roof racks and you don't need a monster truck to tow them. Designs like the Dooit sports trailer from Activity Trailers also offer a highly versatile platform that can accommodate a long list of outdoor gear - kayaks, cargo boxes, bikes - and in this case, there's even the option of a fold out tent.

While not quite matching the multi-functional sophistication of the Sylvan Sports GO multi-mode trailer we looked at early in the year, the Dooit still offers a practical solution for a weekend getaway - and at a much lower price point. Constructed from powder coated tubular steel, the Dooit features adjustable cross-bars to hold cargo boxes offered by suppliers such as Thule and Yakima, a T-bar option, LED lighting, 12-inch galvanized wheels and an adjustable jack stand to keep the load level when not hitched to the car.

The mounting crossbars measure 52 inches across providing enough room for up to four bicycles. An optional tongue extension will extend the overall length by 3 feet in order to carry two 14’ kayaks and two bicycles, or a single 15’ kayak or canoe and two bicycles.

With a overall width of 55 inches and length of 96 inches, the Dooit will fit within the slipstream of most small cars and with a gross vehicle weight of only 500 lbs. The frame is set to the bumper height to most cars for better protection and the hinged riser bar option provides easy access to the gear or tent at the bottom of the load.

Folding tent option

As an off the ground camper, the Dooit sleeps 2 adults on a 94" x 55", 2.5" thick foam mattress. The design includes an awning, entry steps, side ventilation and measures 48" high when set up, collapsing to 12" high when not in use. Set up takes just minutes according to the manufacturers and being 2 feet off the ground also has its advantages when it comes to creeping critters out of your sleeping bag.

The Dooit from Activity Trailers has a starting price of USD$1,595 (add $395 for the swing-open riser bars, $375 for the T-bars or $1149 for the tent) and comes with a a 5-year warranty on parts and service -with the exception of tire and wheel bearings.

David Greig

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