Spanish architectural studio In Tenta has created a prefabricated tiny house that can be placed in almost any location or setting. Dubbed DROP Box N-240, the modular dwelling is easily transportable and comes ready to provide a quick and easy pop-up tiny house or hotel suite.

Manufactured off site, the 18.5-sq m (199-sq ft) cabin measures 6.6 x 2.4 x 2.8 m (21.65 x 7.87 x 9.2 ft (LxWxH)). It is designed to be transported via a trailer or container ship and comes ready to be "dropped" into location, with the DROP Box N-240 base elevated above the ground to minimize its impact on the site. And if required, the home can also be raised on steel stilts, providing a treehouse-like option.

"Designed to have little to no impact on the natural ecological environment, DROP Box N-240 is designed to be placed in a natural spot, and easily removed without any ecological damage as a consequence of its presence," Marta Gordillo, designer architect at In Tenta tells New Atlas. "The aim of the modular suites is to meet the growing demand for eco-tourism with customers that like traveling but don't want to stay in common hotels and demand sustainable architecture mixed with quality design."

Utilizing sustainable and renewable materials, each DROP Box N-240 is constructed with a wooden frame, laminated wood beams and thermal fiberglass insulation. The roof is built using trapezoidal steel sheets with an inner lining made from wooden groove planks. Buyers have the choice of two different exterior facades: larch wood panels or cement-wood composite panels. The composite facade offers users a low-maintenance solution that is non-toxic, weather-resistant and available in several color options.

"The main material is wood, a renewable and sustainable building material that requires less energy to produce, extract, manufacture and transport than other common building materials," says Gordillo. "This natural material offers a solution for both environmentally conscious use and warm modern interior design."

In addition to the DROP Box N-240 module, there are also two larger versions available with the range accommodating either a couple or a family of four. The modules are delivered on site, ready-for-use and furnished with fully-equipped wall kitchen; living space with sofa bed; compact bathroom with shower and toilet; double bedroom with panoramic views; and outdoor terrace.

The interior design also boasts some space-saving elements, such as built in cupboards and shelves; hidden storage beneath the bed; and a sofa bed for additional guests in the living area.

Prices for the DROP Box N-240 are yet to be released.

Source: In Tenta via Designboom

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