Having built more than a million examples of the 911, Porsche has a design language that's instantly recognizable on the road. But how do those lines translate to the high seas? Monaco-based yacht builder Dynamiq has integrated classic Porsche design cues into its new GTT yacht range, starting with the 35-meter (115-foot) GTT 115 Hybrid.

The design of the GTT 115 is the result of a collaboration between boat-building firm Vripack and Studio F.A. Porsche – one of the design studios responsible for creating Porsche Design sunglasses, watches and one-off pieces for the well heeled. The round bilge all-aluminum hull and relevant hydrodynamic elements were developed by Vripack, while Porsche focused on the exterior styling.

Under the water, a bespoke stabilization system with four electric fins and a unique set of interceptors has been fitted to quickly lift the bow clear of the water on the move and deliver a rock-solid feeling at speed. Dynamiq also says the boat's shallow draft of just 1.45 m (4.75 ft) makes it perfect for cruising the Caribbean or Mediterranean.

If this were a road-going Porsche, this is where we'd start talking about the flat-six engine feeding power to the back wheels. But this isn't a road-going Porsche, which means power comes from two MAN diesel engines making a combined 2,426 kW (3,250 hp) instead. A hybrid setup is also available, and adds two 20.8 kW electric motors hooked up to the gearbox for a short-range alternative to diesel power.

With the diesel engines running, the GTT will hit 21 knots (24 mph/39 km/h) and cover 3,400 nautical miles (3,913 mi/6,297 km) – enough to cross the Atlantic. Meanwhile, top speed is limited to a much more sedate 6 knots (7 mph/11 km/h) while running purely on electric power.

When you aren't charging across the Atlantic at top speed, the GTT 115 has been designed to deliver a quiet, clean, luxurious experience. Its twin 45-kW generators are hidden away in the bow to maintain silence at night and stop any fumes or smoke reaching people swimming nearby, while the clean e-power option is perfect for when you're close to shore.

Inside, the a focus has been placed on luxury. Not exactly surprising, given the price tag. There is accommodation for six passengers and six crew below deck, where 2.15-m (7-ft) ceilings have been used to make the cabins feel more spacious. Buyers have the choice of brown or beige leather trim, with plenty of carbon fiber and marble detailing to go with it.

Anyone who owns a 911R will instantly feel at home, because the throw pillows have been trimmed in the same houndstooth material as that car's seats. Of course, these options just serve as a starting point. Potential owners are able to configure their yacht from a huge range of colors, interiors and electronic systems if they so desire.

"Our target clients might include those who are looking to downsize from larger 50- or 60- meter yachts," says Dyanmiq CEO Sergei Dobroserdov. "They are already accustomed to the highest standards, but are ready to leave behind the hassle and huge costs of owning large vessels so they can enjoy the fun side of yacht ownership."

Just seven will be built, with a starting price of €11,900,000 (US$13,279,500). The first example is currently being constructed in Italy and will be debuting at the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show, while two smaller versions – a 100-ft (30-m) and 85-ft (26-m) model – are currently being developed and will be revealed later this year.

Source: Dynamiq

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