Porsche has lent its name and some of its design team to Tuscan superyacht builder Dynamiq to create the GTT 115. Inspired by Porsche's grand touring cars, this 14.4 million-dollar, 35-meter beauty is designed for high-speed, trans-Atlantic shenanigans in total luxury, with up to 10 guests and a crew of six.

A lot of New Atlas regulars may have been thinking the same thing lately: why can't we get a superyacht that properly matches our favorite sportscar? For too long, you've been required to mix and match, like some kind of savages.

Porsche has felt your pain, and sent some of its designers to work on exteriors and finishes for a 35-meter, triple-deck superyacht that takes the concept of Grand Turismo across into the maritime world: the intersection of speed, performance, comfort and luxury without going so far as opulence.

Twin MAN V12-1650 motors pushing 1,627 horsepower each drive two Forties 5000 POD thrusters with contra-rotating props, giving a max speed of 21 knots. When it's time to relax and party, you can switch to fully electric drive with an optional hybrid system that gives you two 20 kW electric motors for silent progress at up to 6 knots. The electric system is fed by a pair of variable speed Panda generators for unlimited range if required. They're stuck right up in the bow end, so the gennies won't disturb your sleep or blow fumes at you if you're swimming off the back.

The fully aluminum hull is shaped for speed, efficiency and stability, as well as to protect guests from sea spray where possible with an integrated spray rail. A custom stabilization system using four electrically operated fins helps keep things comfortable, reducing roll motion by up to 85 percent when you're on the move, and 60 percent when you're at anchor.

An optional hull vane gives you the chance to add a little hydrodynamic lift. It's a fixed foil that hangs underneath the stern of the yacht, and it develops enough lift to partially pull the hull up out of the water at speed, reducing drag for increased efficiency and longer range. It also helps to control pitch and yaw motions.

As to the living quarters, the GTT 115 starts out with luxury quarters for six guests, and stocks and manacles sufficient for six crew. You can bump the accommodation up to 10 guests if need be, and everyone can take advantage of a giant, 1,022 square foot sundeck on the top level. It has two sunbathing areas, a pool, an alfresco dining area with a giant 75-inch TV, and a bar/BBQ zone.

All the windows use fancy Isoclima XIR glass, which blocks out nearly 100 percent of UV rays and reduces heat transmission by 60 percent. That lets Dynamiq run some lovely big panoramic windows, without running up the power bill on air con too much. So thrifty!

Even though she's reasonably small as superyachts go, the GTT 115 has a garage at the front, with enough room for a 16-foot tender and a jet ski, or just a bunch of storage.

As for what this thing has to do with Porsche? Well, apparently it's all evident in the "Targa-style mullions [and] transom in line with the futuristic Mission E concept study." A mullion is a vertical bar between the panes of glass in a window, and the transom is the flat surface at the stern of a boat. So there's your Porsche bits, right there. Those and the paint jobs: Carrara White, Rhodium Silver, Chalk or Monte Carlo Blue out of the Porsche exterior catalog.

Only seven of these magnificent beasts will be built, so you'll want to get in bright and early to start customizing yours lickety-split. At a starting price of €12.5 million (US$14.4 million) they'll be snapped up quick. Enjoy a video below.

Source: Dynamiq

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