We've been following developments at Dyson for a number of years, watching the company innovate air movers, hair dryers and more along the way. And even join a classical orchestra. But perhaps what it's best known for is vacuum cleaners, and Dyson says its new Cyclone V10 really, really sucks. In a good way. So much so that the company will no longer be developing full-sized vacuum cleaners.

"Dyson has spent 25 years creating dependable vacuums that properly clean the entire home," said James Dyson. "We will still make, sell and service traditional corded machines for people who want them, but we must stay focused on the future, which is cord-free. So we have shifted our research, design, and development focus there."

The main reason for this bold statement is the power of the new 525 W V10 digital motor, which promises 20 percent more suction than the V8 before it, yet is almost half the weight at 125 g (4.4 oz). It can switch at up to 16,000 times per second, and features a ceramic shaft designed to cope with spin speeds of up to 125,000 RPM.

Dyson has also infused the motor with some sensor-fed smarts, saying that barometric pressure sensors allow it to calculate whether it's being used upstairs or down, and can even work out the difference in height between table and floor. On the face of it, you might wonder why a vacuum cleaner would need to know such things, but the company says that the sensors allow it to make minor adjustments to ensure constant performance at different air pressures – so it should offer the same level of cleaning performance in high altitude locations like Mexico City as in lower-lying cities like Amsterdam.

Dyson says its engineers have rotated the cyclones and bin assembly by 90 degrees for a linear airflow path that's said to provide full-size suction power in a lightweight and versatile cord-free stick format. That bin is 40 percent bigger than the previous model, for more dust and dirt removal before needing to empty out the contents.

The 14 cyclones arranged around a central axis are reported to enable airflow inside each cyclone to get up to 120 mph (190 km/h), generating over 79,000 G, which should be enough to separate dust from airflow before it gets anywhere near the filters. On the subject of filters, Dyson says that users can breathe easy thanks to a whole machine filtration system that's capable of capturing 99.97 percent of allergens as small as 0.3 microns.

Improvements to the battery have also been made. The seven cell Li-ion battery has the same weight as before but is more energy dense, for up to an hour of suction power per charge when the user pulls the trigger on the handle.

The Cyclone V10 Absolute cord-free vacuum cleaner carries a US$699.99 price tag, while a V10TM Animal flavor comes in at $599.99. The promo video below has more on the new vac.

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