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BeBook portable eReader
BeBook portable eReader
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BeBook portable eReader
BeBook portable eReader

October 1, 2008 Dutch-based BeBook has launched its portable eReader in the UK, offering compatibility with over 20 eBook formats and a large choice of online stores from which to buy eBooks. The eReader incorporates Vizplex technology and precise one-handed navigation to help users enjoy their library of best sellers, cult classics or the latest magazines.

BeBook is compatible with most online bookstores including mobipocket.com, ebooks.com and the multi-format capability (including audio books and mp3 files) means customers can shop around for eBooks rather than being forced to use one standard file type. The BeBook is capable of reading a wide range of digital document formats: pdf, mobi, lit, epub, html, doc, fb2, txt, ppt, prc, rtf, jpg, mp3 files and many more. It features a 6-inch reflective screen, an SD card slot, 512MB of internal storage and a USB connector and weighs just 220 grams (less than 8oz) including the battery.

The internal memory can store around 1000 standard sized books and the reader comes pre-installed with 150 books upon purchase. A further 20,000 books are available free or charge from the BeBook website. Utilizing E-paper and E-Ink, the display is both low power consuming and able to be seen in bright daylight.

One of the great features of BeBook is the ability for users with impaired or limited eyesight to enjoy fully adjustable text size, which can be magnified or reduced on demand.

The battery lasts around 7,000 page turns when fully charged for three hours and as the reader doesn’t need to be switched off, you won’t accidentally drain the battery. The BeBook reader is available now for £229.99.

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