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Eggxactly is like a "toaster for eggs"

Eggxactly is like a "toaster for eggs"
Eggxactly is a device that cooks a single egg, without any need for water
Eggxactly is a device that cooks a single egg, without any need for water
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Eggxactly is a device that cooks a single egg, without any need for water
Eggxactly is a device that cooks a single egg, without any need for water

Cooking an egg involves using up a pot of water, along with the energy required to boil all of it. What if there were a way to just heat the egg directly, with no need for water? Well, now there is, and it’s known as Eggxactly.

Designed by British inventor James Seddon, who wanted to make the process of cooking an egg as easy as toasting bread, the device has been in the works for at least seven years. It features two stretchable silicone heating elements – one on either side of the egg – that are said to transfer heat to the egg very efficiently. Because the elements are so soft, they reportedly conform to a variety of sizes and shapes of eggs.

To use Eggxactly, you just stick in an egg, close the lid, turn the top-mounted dial to indicate how hard you want the egg cooked, then tap the device on top to start it. The cooker measures the starting temperature of the egg, and heats it accordingly. When the egg is done, you’ll be alerted with a beeping sound.

It’s apparently proven quite difficult to come up with a practical method for producing the silicone heating elements (as a rather awkward 2006 appearance on Dragon’s Den indicated), which is why product development has taken so long. Seddon claims that Eggxactly is now ready for real-world use, however, and he’s looking for UK residents interested in testing a small production run of the devices in their homes. Feedback from those people will go into a commercial version, which is expected to sell for £25 (US$39).

Should you be interested in taking part, you can contact the company via the link below.

Source: Eggxactly

Michael Mantion
great idea but I eat 6 eggs a day, I normally soft boil a couple dozen eggs at time.
I can't wait to get one but I'd rather hear a "peeping" when my chicken's egg is done:-)
Who only wants one egg.....
Germans solved this problem many years ago....
(they even have egg pricker tools to pop the the fat end of the shell.)
Steam, works well and allows one or many eggs to be cooked fast...
(The silicon thing that is hard to manufacture.. maybe, don't, just because it is cool doesn't mean that it has to be done.... Look for a smarter solution.
Guillaume Levesque
That's a pretty good idea for either singles or families who eat breakfast at different times (or if some don't like eggs).
i'll test it right here in the good old US of A
Maybe they can follow up with an automatic egg peeler...
I use a pressure cooker which has the added benefit that the eggs (if hard boiled) are super easy to peel and don't get hurt from banging around. That's also how eggs are boiled on a large scale. Six minutes and then let the pressure come down by itself. Perfect every time. Especially easy if you have an induction or gas stove that comes up to temperature very fast.
The Skud
I personally use a plastic microwave device, at the time I bought it, you could choose between a multiple and a 1-egg model. It uses steam generated in the base, a perforated metal cup holds the egg, a solid (again lined with metal, aluminium I suspect) cap makes the steam pass the egg before escape out a small vent hole on top. You simply put a few mils of water in the base, prick the egg (optional, I forget occasionally) place the top on and microwave for 3-4 minutes depending on size of egg and hardness desired. The metal stops the egg from cooking too quickly and exploding.
Jonathan Blindell
Saw this on Dragons Den. Apart from it not working, the biggest complaint was only being able to cook one egg at a time.
There seems to be many alternatives to cooking eggs; especially if one wants more than one cooked egg.
If one only wants one egg, this would be nice. I think it is a neat idea.
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