ElliptiGO has announced the arrival of a new sibling for its 8-speed elliptical running bike. Elliptical bikes are said to offer users all the benefits of running and cycling in one (strange-looking) machine, without many of the negative aspects, such as back and leg problems or saddle-soreness. The upright position also makes runners/riders more visible in traffic. The new 3C comes in a new color option, is a little heavier than its older brother and has only three gears, but is being offered at a lower price point to open up the unique workout to more consumers.

The elliptical bike was first developed after hip and knee injuries stopped ElliptiGO founder Bryan Pate from running. Looking for a way to keep fit, and finding cycling's riding position to be somewhat alien and uncomfortable, he started to use an indoor elliptical trainer. He wanted to escape the confines of the gym, however, so called on Brent Teal to make a low-impact running device that he could used on the street. The first generation elliptical bike - named Alfa - was born.

The next prototype was entered into the 2008 Rosarito to Ensenada 50-mile Bike Ride, as a proof of concept. Although Pate didn't win the race, he did finish amongst the middle of the pack, which spurred the pair onto making a production model. The very first ElliptiGO 8C was shipped in February of last year, and has now been joined by a cheaper model - the ElliptiGO 3C.

The company says that runners/riders should be able to comfortably cruise at speeds of between 12 to 15 mph (19 - 24 kph) and be able to handle inclines of up to five percent, or can push their workout up a notch and get up to 20 to 25 mph (32 - 40 kph). Different-sized users can be accommodated by adjustment of stride length (between 16-25 inches/41-64 cm) and by way of the telescopic steering column.

The new three-speed elliptical bike has a 54-inch (137 cm) wheelbase, weighs 42 lbs (19.1 kg) and has 20-inch aluminum wheels front and back, with linear pull rim brakes. The drive arms and frame are made from aluminum alloys and the foot platforms from composite nylon. A Sturmey Archer S30 trigger shifter is used to operate the three-speed internally-geared hub.

The ElliptiGO 3C is available now in green, black or orange for US$1,799.

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