September 25, 2008 The elliptiGO glide bike offers riders all the best elements of running and cycling in one machine. Whilst running is an excellent way to improve cardiovascular health and general fitness, many runners are plagued with back and leg injuries due to the high impact nature of the sport. Similarly, bike riders often suffer from shoulder and back injuries and saddle-soreness. When you ride the elliptiGO you use the same biomechanics of running but the impact is reduced and the upright position is a much more comfortable way to ride a bike.

The elevation of the bike is much safer for riders as opposed to a traditional bicycle, as they have a greater line of sight, can see over vehicles and the rider is much more visible to drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists. As you ride the elliptiGO you use many of the same muscle groups you utilize when running but the exercise is low-impact and you engage in an excellent form of weight bearing exercise which is good news for your bone strength and muscle growth.

The location of the crank on the elliptiGO means that the rider is less likely to come into contact with the chain whilst allowing maximum stride length and pedal angles but minimizing the wheelbase. The bike has a low cross-over frame height which ensures that it is easy to get on and off and also allows the rider to cross from one side to the other.

There are eight gears which offer speeds from six to 25mph and as they are located in the internal shifting hub there are fewer greasy parts and less maintenance than a derailleur. As the pedals are adjustable, the rider can determine just how hard they want to work and which muscle groups they wish to engage. The elliptiGO also allows the rider to coast without pedaling, making it ideal for relaxed cruising.

The elliptiGO design is among the entries for the annual Create the Future Design Contest.

See elliptiGO for more details and a video of the bike in action.

Jude Garvey

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