The electric vehicle revolution is well and truly underway. Not only are most major auto manufacturers now making EVs, they're also banding together to roll out charging stations to support them. Announcing the "Freedom is Electric" publicity campaign, utility company E.On confirmed that it's aiming to roll out 10,000 charging points across Europe over the next couple of years.

Germany's E.On already has an existing network of charging stations throughout Europe, and says that the new electric vehicle charging points will offer 150 kW of power – though this can be upgraded to 350 kW – which should get 400 km (250 mi) range batteries topped up in less than half an hour.

No more information is available at this time. It's not clear how many new stations will result from the rollout, for example, but it's likely to be significantly more than the 400 promised by the IONITY project last week.

As for the "Freedom is Electric" campaign, the company brought together a number of diverse electric vehicles for a new promotional film, including a fully electric monster truck and a 240 mph supercar prototype.

The Bigfoot truck is powered by 30 batteries, with six more for the brakes and steering systems. The supercar prototype is called the Tachyon Speed, which is reported capable of 1,250 bhp, 3,650 lb.ft of torque and has been estimated to zoom from 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds (on the way to its top speed some 4 seconds later).

You can see all of the EVs in action in the video below.

Source: E.On

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