For most of us, chances are that we will never be in a car that plunges into the water. However, if you consider yourself “at risk” for that sort of eventuality – say, if you’re a rally driver or Jason Bourne – you might be interested in the Escape Belt. It automatically releases your seat belt when exposed to water.

The Escape Belt – which isn’t actually a belt – is attached by the user to their car’s existing seat belt buckle (the part with the button, that the belt’s tongue plugs into). Like some types of auto-inflating life jackets, it incorporates a salt pill that dissolves when submerged. When that pill disintegrates due to water gushing into the car, the device responds by causing the buckle to release the belt.

According to Fijen TMLS, the Dutch company that makes the product, things like beverage spills won’t accidentally trigger the Escape Belt. The cartridge containing the pill, however, does need to be replaced every couple of years.

Of course, many people who find themselves in sinking cars do manage to release their seat belts themselves. Still, in a situation like that, anything that makes things easier would no doubt be hugely appreciated.

The Escape Belt is priced at €29.95 (US$38.84). It can be seen in use in the video below.

Source: Fijen TMLS

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