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Essential Reality was founded with the goal of developing, manufacturing and distributing next-generation 3D peripherals for the gaming, PC and professional user communities. The Company's mission is to revolutionise the way people interact with computers and game consoles by utilising intuitive, natural movement as the primary input. Its first product, the P5 Data Glove, is a 3D input device capturing finger-bend and relative hand-position that enables intuitive interaction with 3D environments. The Essential Reality P5 glove fits over the hand and senses all its movements in three dimensions, becoming the interface to a PC or game console. "There has been an enthusiastic response from the press, consumers and developers to the P5" according to David Devor, Essential Reality's Vice President of Marketing. "A substantial number of developers have applied for the P5 Software Development Kit which will allow developers who incorporate our code into their content to take advantage of the P5 for use with many of the different operating systems and game console environments." The P5 is particularly well suited for gamers because the majority of today's games have a 3D user interface. Action games, role playing games, first-person shooters, adventure games and sports games will all be enhanced by the ability to move easily and intuitively in 3D space.The P5 uses Essential Reality's proprietary bend sensor and tracking technologies to enable full interaction with a 3D environment. Fully USB compliant, the first generation P5 is designed for compatibility with the Microsoft Windows 98, Windows ME and MS 2000 operating systems. Additionally, the Company expects that the P5 will be compatible with the Microsoft XP, MAC OSX and OSIX operating systems, as well as the PlayStation2 and Microsoft Xbox game consoles, in the near future.If you have Quicktime installed on your computer, it's possible to see video demonstrations of the glove in action at the web site. Check the links below.Essential Reality has already indicated the areas it intends to pursue in the future for its second generation version of the P5, and are currently working on a wireless glove, a left-hand version of the glove (unfortunately, if you are left handed, the glove is not for you just yet), plus additional feature enhancements such as tactile feedback and a pulse sensor.The company also intends to release additional interface devices over the coming year "to extend the overall consumer and videogame experience".

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Do they make a left hand version? That was one of the problems with the Nintendo PowerGlove, and with many other such gloves.
I\'m sure this product is old - but man, if a lighter version of this was paired with Kinect - it would be awesome power!