Liquid-cooled PCs are a mainstay for PC enthusiasts looking to eek every last bit of performance from their beloved machines and now it seems this approach has reached the world of the LED light bulb. A company called Eternaleds has introduced the HydraLux-4 LED Bulb, the world’s first LED light bulb to use "liquid-cooling technology" to give a true 360-degree light like a regular incandescent light bulb.

The bulb is filled with paraffin oil that has been tested and certified safe to UL and ROHS standards, so don’t fret if you drop it. It uses 4W to put out as much light as a 25W standard “A-Shape” incandescent bulb, while lasting 35 times longer. That’s probably a bit dim to be of much practical use for anything other than accent lighting so Eternaleds recommends the bulb for “desk lamps, sconces or anywhere you'd use a 25W incandescent bulb.”

The Eternaleds HydraLux-4 LED Bulb will serve as a drop-in replacement in any standard E27 medium base socket and comes in “warm white” and “daylight” varieties. They retail for USD$49.99 each.

There’s a vid of the Eternaleds HydraLux-4 LED Bulb in action below.

Via: Techfresh.

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