Back in 2015, we admit to being quite taken by the corner-hugging EV4 electric quad from Poland's Jacek Skopinski, featuring an adjustable suspension system designed to tilt to match the terrain. The following year saw the quad get a three-wheeled sibling, and some track-packing electric rollerblades. For the fifth gen quad, Skopinski has set his sights off road.

The new EV4 off-road quad is no pedal-assist roller, the rider's feet are firmly placed on struts at each side of the industrial-look aluminum frame and a twist-grip throttle is used for acceleration. Like its streetwise ancestor, the vehicle rocks a gorgeous exposed mechanical tilting mechanism with bicycle shocks and aluminum swingarms.

The mechanism rides higher though, to allow this electric beast to tackle all manner of obstacles on the trail with the help of big orange rims and chunky 145/70R6 tires. All of which also gives the off-road quad a much meaner stance.

The combination of two 1 kW DC motors and a 36 V/25 Ah battery pack are said to get the off-roader up to a top speed of 35 km/h (22 mph), and each wheel has hydraulic disk brakes for controlled stopping power. Completing the spec sheet is an accessory shelf out front, between the twin LED headlamps, and another out back. An onboard trip computer helps the rider keep an eye on speed and range.

The EV4 off-road quad is currently available for pre-order for US$4,170. You can watch its maker owning dirt, trails and park paths in the video below.

Source: EV4

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