Exertris Interactive exercise-bike

Exertris Interactive exercise-bike
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"Stay fit, feel stronger, live longer" - it's a motto we'd all like to adhere to, but for many of us the motivation to visit the gym, jump on the bike or swim laps of the pool just isn't there. Specifically aimed at addressing this "fitness-boredom" problem and the high-attrition rate at fitness clubs that accompanies it, the Exertris interactive exercise bike incorporates a gaming console, flat-screen display and an on-board PC linked to pedal-resistance that enables the experience of playing a game and having a workout to be rolled into one.Rather than being as distraction from your physical exertion, the Exertris engages the user in the virtual experience so that pedalling performance has direct consequences for particular elements of the game - for example you may need to pedal harder to power your spaceship's weapon systems or to move your cards around in a game of Solitaire. The interactive experience is designed to cure fitness-boredom and help people maintain their training programmes and achieve fitness goals by making "time fly" during a session. Exertris is suitable for all fitness levels and age ranges, allowing users to choose their own workout targets with duration, pace and resistance settings.Four games are currently on offer - Gems, Orbit, Solitaire and Space Tripper - and new games and features can be added as they are released. You can also play solo or competitively against other people with the option of handicapping for multiplayer games.A safe workout is assisted by an automatic warm up and cool down feature workout and the arm-rest, monitor and seat move in a single motion to optimise posture while using the exercise bike.The 15" colour LCD display uses the latest 3D graphics and the on-board PC - situated under the mounting step - uses Microsoft Windows XP Embedded and is Polar Heart Rate compatible. Sound is optional via earphones. The unique resistance unit just 10cm in diameter that uses no belts or chains and the gamepad and menu control are sweat-proof and easy to clean according to the manufacturers.The Exertris Interactive exercise-bike is currently being launched in the UK, where the first interactive fitness arcade featuring twenty-five linked Exertris Interactive Bikes opened in April 2003.

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1 comment
Interactive exercise bikes are a very interesting trend.
I had a chance to see it up-close. They are great but pricy.
See the article from Ezinearticles:
If you are really into exergaming but are on the budget, another option is to retrofit your old stationary bike. Connect an off the shelf PC game controller kit such as Cyber ExerCycle ( You would have much greater game selection and it is a fraction of Exertris Bike price.