While we all know how important it is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, it can often be difficult to use all that we buy before they spoil. A product known as FreshPaper, however, is claimed to keep such foods fresh two to four times longer than normal – and it does so just using spices.

The proprietary mix of organic spices infused in every paper sheet was discovered by inventor Kavita Shukla, when she paid a visit to her grandmother in India. It turned out that her grandmother’s family had been using the formulation for generations, to prolong the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. Although the exact ingredients are a trade secret, the fact that Shukla’s company is called Fenugreen points to the fact that fenugreek is one of them.

The sheets themselves can just be placed in the bottom of a fruit bowl, fridge drawer, or anywhere else that fresh produce is being stored. The produce itself is then placed directly onto the sheet, the herbs in which reportedly inhibit bacterial and fungal growth.

As long as the sheet emits a maple-like odor, that means it’s active. After about two or three weeks, the smell will fade and the biodegradable sheet should be replaced.

FreshPaper sells for US$4.99 for a pack of eight sheets, or $42.99 for ten eight-packs.

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