Ferrari's $48.4 million 250 GT may have just broken the auction world record, but it wasn't the only curvaceous car from the Prancing Horse to turn heads at Pebble Beach this year. The event also saw the world premiere of the new 488 Pista Spider as part of the 2018 Concours d'Elegance, revealing a muscular V8 convertible very much tuned for the track.

Modeled on the 488 Pista, the Pista Spider is actually the 50th convertible model from Ferrari and packs the most powerful V8 engine it has ever made. The 3,902cc twin-turbo V8 makes 720 hp (537 kW) and reportedly slingshots the convertible to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 2.8 seconds, and onward to a top speed of 211 mp (340 km/h).

As the latest whip in Ferrari's 488 line, the Pista Spider is built in the same mould as the 488 Pista coupé, 488 Challenge and 488 GTE, with the automaker focused on carrying over the aerodynamics and racing spirit of its stablemates, and ornamenting it with a nice blue racing stripe for good measure.

Ferrari says the open top will give the voice of its unique engine some extra oomph, while a new lateral dynamics control system is tuned for the convertible form to promise optimized acceleration, braking and handling.

Ferrari has opted for patterned aluminum footplates in place of carpeted interior and a simple strap in place of a driver's side door handle, while carbon fiber and Alcantara are also used generously throughout. One-piece carbon fiber wheels are an optional extra and cut weight by 20 percent over the standard 10-spoke alloys.

Ferrari hasn't revealed details on availability for the 488 Pista Spider as yet, or how many zeroes will feature on the price tag, but as a guide the 488 Pista starts at US$350,000.

Source: Ferrari

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