If there are two things cyclists have to worry about, they would be the weather and making sure cars can see them. That's why the designers at GeoSpace Studio set about building a vehicle to resolve both issues. The FireFly is a recumbent tricycle outfitted with an LED-lit dome that keeps the rider visible and protected from the elements.

It may look like it drove straight out of the movie TRON, but given the importance of being seen, this is probably one of the safest pedal-powered vehicles around.

The shell tilts forward so a person can sit down and remain shielded from the cold, rain, or snow. The bottom part of the covering is lit with colored LEDs, while a transparent dome at the top lets the rider see where they're going. There are even two headlights in front for some leisurely night riding.

The FireFly is sure to turn quite a few heads, but you may have to put your dreams of pedaling down the street in this UFO-like trike on hold for now, since GeoSpace Studio has not announced any plans to put it on the market.

If you want to see what the FireFly looks like cruising around at night with the theme song from Knight Rider playing appropriately in the background though, check out the video below.

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