We've seen a wealth of smart home security devices appear on the market in recent years, but we're still waiting for a comprehensive solution that's simple to set up and easy to maintain. That's a gap that BuddyGuard is hoping to plug with Flare.

Branded as "a complete home security system in a single device," it incorporates an HD camera, motion detector, accelerometer, temperature sensor, speaker, siren, 3G module and Wi-Fi chip in a single device. Those components can keep an eye on your home and watch who's coming and going.

There's a lot of intelligence built into the software – it won't monitor you or your family while you're at home, for example, but will spot when you leave the house and up its scanning protocols accordingly. It includes both face recognition and voice recognition, and its makers say it's pet-friendly too (so your dog won't set off an alarm).

The idea is that Flare does all the hard work so you don't have to keep monitoring a webcam or checking security settings – you don't even have to enter a code when you come home, because Flare recognizes you as you walk in. If anything untoward is happening at home while you're away, the device lets you know.

Lithium-ion batteries ensure the device keeps working even if the power goes, and with Wi-Fi and 3G there are no cables to worry about either. Installation can reportedly be completed in 10 minutes – the accompanying app for iOS or Android helps you get it connected to a network and configure the on-board settings.

It's a device packed with clever ideas. The accelerometer detects if someone tries to tamper with it, for example, while the loudspeaker can broadcast sounds (like people talking) to give the impression you're at home. The app keeps you up to date while you're away and lets you control Flare remotely, too.

Interested in backing the project on Kickstarter? The lowest earlybird price is €175 (US$200) with shipping pegged for December 2015, assuming it reaches production. The retail price is expected to be €245 ($280). The video below shows more about how Flare works and the benefits it offers.

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