Mini House is a functional prefabricated modular home that comes delivered flat-packed and can be constructed on-site in just two days. The first prototypes, which were designed and built by Swedish architect Jonas Wagell in 2010, are currently being used as summer houses in different parts of Sweden.

The flat-packed Mini House modules consist of prefabricated walls, framing, roofing and trim-less windows. The design includes an insulating polystyrene core clad with plywood or plastic laminate, a technique that is often used in the construction of caravans and floating homes.

“Mini House is quicker to build than a regular house and consists of prefabricated modules and parts that can all be recycled or combusted,” Mini House creator Jonas Wagell told Gizmag.

Similar to the Finnish Micro House, the 15 m2 (161 ft2) Mini House module doesn’t require a building permit within Scandinavia and comes with an additional 15 m2 (161 ft2) outdoor terrace with pergola. This clever design gives occupants a larger living zone, with large sliding glass doors that open out onto the outdoor terrace.

With prototypes being trialled and tested, the Mini House concept is undergoing some design and function upgrades and new versions will soon be available in several sizes ranging from 15 to 70 m2 (161 to 753 ft2). The Mini House 2.0 is being designed in co-operation with the Swedish architectural studio Sommarnöjen and the first models are planned to be introduced on the market later this year.

While the larger Mini House 2.0 options are still in the final development stages, Wagell confirmed that the models will be equipped with a smart and cost-efficient modular bathroom unit, a modern energy-efficient kitchen, maximized storage space and the option to include photovoltaic panels.

Designed to withstand a diverse range of weather condition and climates, the Mini Houses can all be customized or adapted with the addition of extra modules.

“We are also developing customized solutions for bedrooms, bathroom, sauna, kitchen, living room and storage etc. which can be added as options,” said Wagell. “We will start delivering houses for the Scandinavian market early next year and will accept orders from the rest of Europe when we have established a good routine.”

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