March 6, 2008 Robrady is a name most of our readers will associate with bleeding-edge electric motorcycle designs, but the company’s portfolio has several facets including a partnership with marine tool specialists XTools. The latest product to emerge from this collaboration is a pair of rugged hybrid pliers, which like all tools in the range, float when they hit the water.

The Hybrid XPliers and Needlenose Hybrid XPliers feature rust-resistant materials, ergonomic soft-grip handles and tungsten carbide cutting blades. The new generation tools boast metal-injection molded jaws—an upgrade from the originals that provides added strength and durability without compromising on the ability to float.

The tools are brightly colored for high visibility and easy retrieval when they hit the drink, and apart from the obvious benefits to the user, the ability to float also reduces the number of lost pliers congregating at the bottom of the ocean or other bodies of water.

The pliers retail for under USD$20. See XTools or Robrady Design for further information.

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