Over the past year, Volkswagen has been trying hard to tap into the spirit of its classic Type 2 T1 and T2 vans, offering a retro-inspired launch package for the T6 van and channeling its heritage into the Budd-e concept. Neither was all that convincing. A new camper van from German van converter Martin Hemp looks like a far more fitting tribute to the original Type 2s. The T6-based Flow Camper captures the "freedom and love" spirit of 1960s-era VW campers while outfitting road trippers with a modular set of modern camping equipment.

One look at the orange paint and flowery graphics of the Flow Camper is enough to bring to mind the VW hippie campers of old. And if you're not familiar with those classic camper vans, the design should bring you directly to the sense of fun and freedom the originals were known for. Whether you use it to camp beachside and scout waves or road-tour entire continents, this van doesn't take itself too seriously, keeping focus on the thrill of the journey.

It may be the bright styling of the pictured Flow Camper that gets your attention, but the van's content is its real selling point. And that's not surprising because Martin Hemp has plenty of experience turning van interiors into cozy living areas with his Terra Camper lineup of Mercedes and VW campers.

It seems like we can't say "European camper van" lately without including the words "modular" and "multi-use," and the Flow Camper is yet another example. By using light, simple camping modules, the van switches easily between camping, people moving and cargo hauling.

The main camping equipment is contained within three compact, removable indoor/outdoor modules. There's a sink, 12L fresh and waste water tanks, single-burner outdoor gas cartridge stove and 25L compressor refrigerator. Campers create the indoor/outdoor table top using one or two of the module lids.

The Flow Camper comes complete with a pop-up roof with bed and a folding platform bed for the main cabin, sleeping up to five. A heater, LED lighting, and 12V power with electrical sockets and USB ports are also part of the conversion. The tie-dye upholstery, curtains and trim, flower vase, and ashtray ensure that the interior is every bit as nostalgic as the exterior.

The Flow Camper debuted at last year's Düsseldorf Caravan Salon and has been appearing at other camping shows, including last month's CMT. It comes in 100-hp, 150-hp and 200-hp T6 flavors, with orange or white paint, ranging between €44,900 and €59,900 (US$50,000 and $66,500). Five seats are standard but the van can be fitted with up to eight optionally.

Source: Flow Camper

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