Bed frames are a pain when you're moving house. They are either big, bulky and difficult to move, or flimsy flat-packs that fall apart after being painstakingly put back together. The new Floyd Bed Frame, however, is aimed at being simple to assemble, easy to transport, minimal and sturdy.

The Floyd Bed Frame is designed for city living, involving, as that often does, regular moves between rented accommodation, limited space and transportation constraints. Floyd says that the Bed Frame is dispatched to arrive at your door with everything required and ready to use.

The frame consists of three parts: wooden panels, steel supports and straps. The panels are made from birch veneer and have a honeycomb structure that makes them strong but lightweight. The panels slot together to create the eventual mattress platform, with the number of panels required depending on the size of the bed required.

There are two types of steel support – one for underneath the middle of the bed and one for underneath the sides of the bed. They are both designed to simply slot onto the panels, in a similar way to the Be-elastic Snap metal furniture legs. The straps are then secured tightly around the supports to keep everything held together.

Not only does the design of the Floyd Bed Frame mean that it can be assembled quickly, but also that it can be disassembled quickly, packed up and transported easily and reassembled elsewhere without losing structural integrity.

A Kickstarter cowdfunding campaign is underway for the Floyd Bed Frame. Individuals who pledge from US$265 can receive one of the frames, assuming all goes to plan with the campaign and roll-out.

The video below is the Kickstarter pitch for the Floyd Bed Frame.

Sources: Kickstarter, Floyd

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