Recent RIBA Stirling Prize winner Foster + Partners has unveiled two new towers it has planned for Shenzhen, China. The China Merchants Bank HQ will primarily consist of office space and boast some sustainable design, including a rainwater capture system.

Assuming it actually goes ahead – and, to be clear, we've no word on whether or not it's a done deal yet – the China Merchants Bank HQ will be located in Shenzhen Bay, as part of a larger development in the area. Indeed, the entire city is undergoing an incredible boom in skyscraper construction.

The tallest of the two towers is the most interesting. It will reach a height of 350 m (1,148 ft) and consist of office space, with a total floorspace of 310,000 sq m (around 3 million sq ft). Its structural cores are situated on the east and west wings of the building, offering the benefit that the interior is column free. It will be topped by a large atrium offering choice views open to China Merchants Bank customers and select guests.

According to Foster + Partners, the building's split-core design helps reduce solar heat gain, while built-in rainwater harvesting systems will produce up to 70 percent of the towers' water requirements. We've no more details on this but would guess that there's greywater recycling planned too.

The China Merchants Bank HQ project will also include an adjacent smaller tower reaching 180 m (590 ft) that will host hotel, office, and retail space.

Additionally, Foster + Partners plans a large plaza lined with shops and restaurants, plus links to the waterfront and metro, with an art gallery on the podium.

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