Foster + Partners has shown significant interest in the potential of drone technology so a collaboration with DJI seems like a good fit. The high-profile architecture firm has revealed some early details and renders for a pair of towers that will serve as the drone manufacturer's new headquarters.

Currently under construction in Shenzhen, China, DJI's new digs will consist of two towers joined together by a skybridge. Structurally, they will comprise multiple glazed boxes cantilevering out from a central steel framework.

The project is conceived as a "creative community in the sky" and will include research and development areas, as well as office space, a theater, gymnasium, and, remarkably, robot fighting rings.

The floors will be arranged into large column-free spaces and provide quadruple-height drone flight testing labs. Even the skybridge will be used for testing and showcasing drone tech – you get the sense this will be an interesting place to work, with all kinds of gadgets zooming around.

"Our aim is to create a unique workplace environment that embodies the spirit of invention and innovation that has allowed DJI to lead the world in robotics and technology," says Grant Brooker, Head of Studio, Foster + Partners.

Details on the project are still very slim at this stage and as of writing there's no information available on the height of the towers, nor their expected completion date.

"The building has several sustainable features," says Young Wei-Yang Chiu, partner at the firm. "The ground floor has been lifted so that the surrounding green belt can be extended into the site. There are also 10 sky gardens throughout the building, providing outdoor spaces in the sky – a very rare feature in china. The building also embodies the sponge city concept with efficient water collection and a large water storage facility underground."

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