The French Pavilion narrowly missed out on a place in Gizmag's top 10 Pavilions from World Expo 2015, but it is definitely worth a visit if you make it to Milan this year. Dubbed Canopee, the pavilion pays homage to French produce and artisans, drawing inspiration from the country's long standing tradition of open farmer's markets,

the French Pavilion has been designed to resemble an inverted market place.

Accomplished by XTU architects and Simonin Enterprises, the structure is designed to resemble an inverted market place. Made entirely from local French wood, it features a dramatic undulating ceiling that weaves its way through the massive 3,600 square meter space (38,750 sq. ft). Simonin Enterprises employed concealed joinery techniques, which gives the illusion that the pavilion has been laser cut out of a single piece of wood.

The France Pavilion also features a unique heating suction system which capitalizes on the natural flow of air through the middle of the structure to create a sustainable air circulation system.

Through its architecture and interactive layout the French Pavilion invites visitors to explore its four founding pillars: promoting a sustainable food model; producing more and higher quality foods; sharing innovation, and providing pleasure and health. Clusters of local produce hang from pockets in the wooden ceiling and visitors can take their time to walk through the exhibition, discovering different elements, themes and textures.

"These four pillars are highlighted by the conceptual set design and museographical presentation of the Pavilion, as well as by the areas for culinary demonstrations, dining areas and those reserved for our special partners throughout the Pavilion," say the French Pavilion designers. "The fourth pillar, dedicated to quality and pleasure, [is] particularly honoured. Symposiums, seminars and forums will also provide for an opportunity to communicate and exchange ideas related to these four themes."

The outdoor landscape which sits directly in front of the entrance is a stunning and lush vegetable garden. The garden is one of the largest found at the World Exposition site and features 16 different sections, organized according to plant variety.

The French Pavilion has been designed to be completely dismantled and reassembled for re-purpose in France after Expo Milano 2015 finishes at the end of October.

Make sure you head to the gallery to enjoy the entire collection of stunning photos from the French Pavilion, skillfully captured for Gizmag by Italian Art Director Edoardo Campanale.

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