Danish based Big Architects has revealed plans to develop the Levi Resort in Lapland. Named the Koutalaki Ski Village, the futuristic development will sit on the mountain ridge of the Levi Ski center overlooking the surrounding landscape and Sirkka village in the municipality of Kittila. The design seeks to create a new hybrid resort which integrates the village with roof top skiing.

The current resort denies alpine skiers direct access to the slopes on skis or snowboards, whilst the flat landscape means they need to use lots off effort to move from one point to the next. Big Architects have addressed this issue by proposing to create a man-made "peak" where skiers can access the slopes easily and choose which direction they wish to go. Creating this peak and raising the landscape also opens up several possibilities for developing the space underneath it. By extending the existing cluster of buildings located on the summit, the architects will also create a new central square at the heart of the village.

The architectural plans include a futuristic circular structure that will offer guests stunning 360 degree views of the slopes and roof top skiing with elevator access. The structure is defined by four individual peaks which offer skiers the option to travel downhill, whilst the buildings extend parallel to each other to create a sequence of intertwining streets. The two northwest structures are lower, allowing views in the direction of Sirkka village, with all four buildings offering uninterrupted views of the vast mountainous landscape.

The four buildings will wrap around a central public square offering protection from the wind, yet at the same time providing direct access to the surrounding landscape. Only moments away from the main ski system, the new resort will offer maximum connectivity for skiers and pedestrians. The village will also host a range of outdoor activities such as ice skating and music events, with the public square being filled with cafes and bars, while during the summer months the roof space transforms into a green garden.

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