In sports, data is useful in helping players improve their game. We've seen performance-monitoring devices for basketball, golf and swimming, but hockey gadgets were lacking. Now, Montreal's Quattriuum Team is launching FWD Powershot, a performance sensor for hockey that goes right in the player's stick and provides a range of shot data.

The actual sensor for FWD Powershot goes into the top of the stick, and is able to grab all kinds of useful data. It can determine the speed of the stick, the duration of the shot from the start of the backswing to contact with the puck, the angle of the shot, the rate of acceleration, and the angular velocity. From this data, it is able to estimate the actual speed of the shot, assuming the player executed it correctly.

The sensor communicates with an iOS device using Bluetooth, and assuming the device is in range, the player can view data in real time. If used during a game, where the phone or tablet will likely be outside of Bluetooth range, up to 1,000 shots can be stored on the device itself, and the data will be downloaded when the Powershot comes back in range again.

The actual app functions like a hockey social network. Users are able to follow their friends who also have FWD Powershot sensors, and they can comment on events and compare their stats with each other. This can create a little friendly competition, which might provide extra motivation to take their game to the next level.

The Quattriuum Team is seeking funding for FWD Powershot on Kickstarter. The project has not yet met its US$75,000 goal. Buyers interested in owning a Powershot can do so for a minimum pledge of $100 while the first early bird special lasts. Once gone, the next tier is $125 for a device, followed by $150.

The Kickstarter pitch video below shows the FWD Powershot in action and provides more information.

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