Unveiled in Detroit, the Entranze EV is one of the first concepts that Chinese automaker GAC Motors has produced in its North American design studio in California. With its unique interior layout, sitting three across up front and two each in the second and third rows, the SUV is conceived as a road-trip-ready family vehicle that can be a daily driver as well.

If you see a hint of commercial airliner in the interior design, that's no coincidence. GAC's Executive Design Director Pontus Fontaeus, who headed up the design of the Entranze EV, comes from an airline cabin design background and has also penned designs for the likes of Ferrari and Land Rover.

While the passenger cabin and user interfaces may be inspired by aircraft, the "inside -out" approach marked by sliding glass doors is not something you'd find on a runway. On the sustainability front, 90 percent of the battery-electric EV concept's interior components made from environmentally-sustainable materials like cork.

The Entranze concept design also has semi- or full-autonomy in mind, with a head-up information cluster and voice-command activation system featured in the cockpit design, along with two infotainment screens – one canted towards the driver and the other on the right aimed at the front passengers.

Not limited by traditional powertrain constraints, the sporty, aerodynamic exterior design of the GAC concept is allowed a short overhang, and the shortened hood and flatter rear end mean better visibility for maneuvering.

The GAC Entranze EV concept is on display in Detroit alongside the company's production vehicles, the GM6 minivan and the GS5 SUV.

Source: GAC Motor

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