You get the sense that Samsung wants to be everything to everyone. The Korean company makes smartphones and tablets in all shapes and sizes. It does high-end, it does low-end, and it even does mid-range. You name it, Sammy has either done it or is planning on doing it. So the next items on the agenda should be no surprise: a rugged, outdoorsy version of the Galaxy S 4, and an 8-inch Galaxy Tab.

Today’s scoop comes courtesy of The Wall Street Journal. Their “people familiar with the matter” say that the rugged S4 is tentatively branded as the “Galaxy S 4 Active.” It will be water-proof and dust-proof (much like the Sony Xperia Z), but taking design cues from the standard Galaxy S 4.

The WSJ thinks that the Galaxy S 4: Bear Grylls Edition (not really) is designed to target business and government customers. Samsung’s KNOX security suite, waiting in the pipeline, is also aimed squarely at the enterprise – where a new war is being waged, along with Apple and Google.

The source expects the phone to ship in July.

Galaxy Tab 8.0?

The report only mentions the 8-inch Galaxy tablet in passing, but it sounds like it would be a Galaxy Tab or other standard tablet. In other words, no stylus or Note branding. It's expected to release in June.

If Samsung could pack a high-res display and cutting-edge processor into the 8-incher, maybe it could steal some of the rumored iPad mini 2’s thunder. For all of the current iPad mini's great qualities, its display and internal components are very 2011-ish. Samsung would love to get a jump on its rival for the hearts (and dollars) of 8-inch tablet customers.