It looks like we now know the date for Samsung's next flagship reveal. The company today sent out invites for its "Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2015" media event at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, where the company is expected to reveal the Galaxy S6.

Rumors have been all over the place on what exactly the handset will entail, but the teaser image does appear to show some sort of device that bleeds into a curve. It's possible we'll see another Edge Display (like we saw on the Galaxy Note Edge), on either the Galaxy S6 or a variant.

Last year Samsung also revealed a trio of smartwatches alongside the Galaxy S5, so wearables will be another area to keep an eye on at the event. Other possibilities include potential Gear VR support for the GS6, either through the original ("Innovator's Edition") headset or perhaps through an updated model.

One rumor that's been consistent is that the GS6 won't be using Qualcomm for its processor, opting for a Samsung Exynos CPU instead. Though Samsung has used its own chips for the non-LTE regional variants of its flagships through the years, LTE markets have always stuck with Snapdragons. Supposedly overheating concerns have the company using its own CPUs across the board this time around (maybe to help solve the Gear VR's biggest problem?).

Stay tuned to Gizmag for more on and leading up to the March 1 event.