Everyone loves a good view, however, some architects have taken this obsession to the extreme, perching structures on perilous precipices, often leaving parts of the dwellings literally hanging over sheer drops. In this gallery we feature some of the most thrilling, beautiful and possibly insane cliff-side homes for those that are determined to literally live on the edge.

Not all structures require flat foundations, and increasingly advanced building technologies are allowing architects to create stunning structures that often seem like they are defying gravity. From GilBartolome's dragon-like construction that sinks into a hill on a 42 degree angle, to Masato Sekiya's incredible cantilevered cabin floating over a river in Japan, these buildings are often the result of obsessive designers figuring out creative ways to build on difficult sites.

Other precarious structures such as Australia's iconic Pole House or Robert Bruno's infamous Steel House, rise above their locations with iconoclastic design. These ambitious buildings stand tall, often on the edge of stark cliffs, and are not recommended to be inhabited by individuals that suffer from vertigo.

Take a look through our gallery for a look at some of the world's best cliff-side homes.

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