Spanish dirt bike company Gas Gas exploded back into relevancy last year with the release of its EC and XC 300 two-stroke enduro and cross country motorcycles.

These guys have always been strong in the ultra-lightweight trials bike market, but until the 2018 models, their enduro machines were too lardy to compete. They also suffered from their equipment choices, like a confusing Sachs/Marzocchi suspension setup, and were generally in need of the kick up the backside they got with the vastly lighter, more powerful 2018 bikes featuring much better sorted KYB suspension either end. All indications are that the current Gas Gas two-smokers are the real deal.

Now, the company has announced a special edition Enduro GP model in 250 and 300cc aimed at the serious racer – or at the least, the rider who wants to bling out like one. The spec level brings these bikes up very close to Gas Gas's factory race bikes.

The Enduro GP models get a new cylinder head and a touch more torque than the standard bikes. The clutch cover and housing is replaced with a Rekluse unit the company says helps keep things cool and efficient.

There's a full FMF racing exhaust system, upgraded Renthal handlebar and grips, and lighter machined, red anodized triple clamps.

The KYB forks are upgraded to EnduroGP models with a diamond-like black anti-friction coating. The seat is grippier. The front disc is now a floating type for increased performance and feel. The wheel spokes and the back sprocket are black, and the plastics and stickers are a bit fancier than the base bikes.

The step up in price isn't massive given what you get. Where a standard EC 300 will cost you AU$12,290 in Australia, the tricked-out Enduro GP 300 runs you AU$13,490. The equation is even better in the United States, where the EC 300 is US$9,299 and the Enduro GP 300 is US$9,799.

Modern two-strokes, with their vastly improved low-end performance and throttle response on top of their traditionally low weight figures, are very much the flavor of the day at the top end of the enduro market, and it's good to see Gas Gas making a serious push for market share.

Source: Gas Gas

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