• The 2019 Ducati Multistrada Enduro is receiving the upgrades that the rest of the model family has been enjoying. These include the larger 1,262-cc Testastretta V-twin with DVT variable valve timing and more power, a revised frame and enough electronic systems to cause a racing superbike blush.
  • Its 1998 ancestor was the motorcycle that allowed four-strokes to reclaim their rule over off-road racing. Twenty years later Yamaha reintroduces the WR450F, with a new frame and engine along with a host of changes and upgrades, such as the ability to tune the engine wirelessly via a smartphone app.
  • Spanish dirt bike company Gas Gas exploded back into relevancy last year with the release of its EC and XC 300 two-stroke enduro and cross country motorcycles. Now, it's released a tricked-out Enduro GP 250 and 300 with enough upgrades to bring them into line with its factory race bikes.