One of the head turners at the recent Australian 4x4 Outdoors Expo, the Gecko Camper rides to camp looking like an inconspicuous delivery truck, but instead of packages, it delivers a comfortable stay in the wilderness. Combining elements from roof-top tents, pop-up campers and truck canopies, the Gecko flips and folds into a two-story abode with all the amenities you need for temporary backcountry living. And if you're not going anywhere for a while, it also works as a standalone living module.

Designed for single- and dual-cab truck trays, the Gecko slide-on is a neatly framed block with a departure angle-boosting cut-out along the lower rear edge. It features a monocoque structure fabricated from 6062 and 5052 plate aluminum sourced for a combination of low weight and high ruggedness.

In place of the straight or hinge pop-tops often seen on slide-on campers like this one, the Gecko's roof folds out into a full, A-frame-style roof-top tent with sleeping space for two. A cover keeps the bedding in place so that all you have to do is flip and retire to bed.

The interior of the camper shell serves as the "downstairs" and features an L-shaped sofa with room for four adults. Gecko also offers a dual-cab model with an added alcove-style children's sleeping area over top the truck cab.

Instead of trying to stuff a kitchen into the small camper box interior, as in truck campers like the EarthCruiser GZL and Quantis Marq, Gecko has built a trailer/canopy-style kitchen outside. The driver-side panel flips up and serves as a bit of cover, providing access to a simple kitchen with slide-out dual-burner gas stove with grill, drop-down countertop and available slide-out, drop-down refrigerator.

The refrigerator locker is accessible from the inside, as well as out, as is a clothes storage compartment, so you don't have to walk out through the aluminum fly screen door to grab a drink or throw on a sweater.

The passenger-side exterior wall has a similar flip-up panel, providing access to storage and equipment. The standard electrical package includes a 105Ah AGM battery, three 12V outlets, a fuse panel, and LED lighting in the kitchen and storage areas. Buyers can also upgrade with options like a dual battery system and solar power. The 75L water tank and self-priming pump deliver water, and an available shower package supplies a hot outdoor shower.

While most of Gecko's materials focus on its use as a truck camper, it can also be removed and stood on four legs, as the company demonstrated at the Melbourne-based 4x4 show. This creates the cool mobile living pod below.

The Gecko is a slick, little slide-out that does a lot within a compact structure, exemplifying what we find fascinating about small camper modules and trailers. It starts at AU$27,000 (approx. US$21,500), and Gecko offers a variety of additional options such as a 60L Engel fridge, canvas enclosure around the kitchen and portable toilet.

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