One of the best-known names in guitars, Gibson, has released a free iPhone download – the Gibson Guitar App. The App includes a standard metronome, a versatile tuner, chord charts and access to video lessons.

The traditional chromatic tuner starts in an “All Notes” mode that tracks whatever is played. A “Mode” option lets you track notes for a particular tuning and it also shows you how to tune to a Standard tuning (open G, Open D).

On the iPhone, the correct tuning is indicated by changing colors in the display, which takes the form of a classic Gibson headstock. For the iPod Touch - which doesn't have a microphone - there is a “Play Notes” option that plays the correct note out loud.

The app also has more than 30 chord charts with finger markings for players who need a bit more help.

The metronome allows users to choose a specific BPM or tap the screen three times to automatically set the tempo.

Video tuition

The Gibson App caters for those who want to learn new guitar riffs, licks or chord sequences via video tuition. Gibson says the App will be updated frequently with new video content to suit guitarists of differing abilities.

The app also gives Gibson Guitar fans access to news on new products, artist activity and special events.

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