Diabetes care specialist Arkray, Inc. recently announced that it has received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its Glucocard Vital blood glucose monitoring system. The tester, which consists of a meter and test strip, is very accurate, requires a tiny drop of blood and has a unique glucose oxydase (GO) strip chemistry that is reportedly not affected by interferences that cause testing errors in other common test strips.

The Glucocard Vital meter and strip platform is quick and accurate, with one 0.5mL blood sample on the test strip platform producing an accurate result in as little as seven seconds. The meter is programmed to display only mg/dL in the US.

The meter is auto-coded, meaning there is no need to re-program the unit - simply insert a test strip and the meter turns on. It requires one 3V CR2032 battery which should last for about 2,000 tests at 4 tests per day and it will hold 250 downloadable tests in its memory. The meter kit contains a 28 gauge general purpose lancet to collect blood samples.

The display screen will show the time, date and average test reading - 14 or 30 day average. The main area of the screen will display the test strip code, test countdown, results and any error codes.

To test your glucose level, find an appropriate sample site and use a lancing device to collect a blood sample. Then remove a test strip from the bottle and insert it into the Vital meter, the meter will turn on automatically. You then apply the test strip at a 90 degree to the blood sample area - the capillary action will draw the blood into the strip. The meter will begin to count down when it detects enough blood has been applied and the test results and date will be shown in a matter of seconds. You should then record the results in your logbook. The meter turns off when the strip is removed.

The Vital meter and strip platform will have a five year warranty and will be available for distribution in early December.

See Glucocard USA for more details.

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