A recently announced partnership between Philips and Nike will soon see the introduction of a range of portable radios, MP3 and CD-MP3 players designed specifically to be worn on the body during athletic activity.The focus for the new range of audio products is on reliability and sleek ergonomic design - the devices utilise armbands and magnetic clips so that they can be worn unobtrusively, control buttons are large to ensure easy manipulation and the shock-resistant steel and rubber casings enable them to deliver good quality skip-free audio under rugged conditions. For example the psa]128 max MP3 player offers 128mb of memory and 10-hour battery life in a pocket-sized package that is skip-free and splash proof.The vision for the alliance is to go beyond MP3 players into a whole new range of apparel that incorporates whatever new technology has to offer - this could see mobile phones disappear into T-shirts and GPS tracking systems fitted to children's running shoes.The Philips/Nike portable audio range will be available in the US in September but no word as yet on a local release date.

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