Suzuki Super-Mini Concept

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Suzuki's Concept-S is among the many gems promised for the Paris Motor Show later this month. Fitted with a powerful, light and compact 1.6L DOHC aluminium engine (4 cylinder, 16 valve) with a six speed gearbox and aluminium uprights, the new Concept-S appears closely related to Suzuki's GSX1300 motorcycle. Electronic innovations are at the forefront of the design with fingerprint recognition locking system, push button operation for gears, handbrake, indicators and windscreen wipers and an 'Advanced Navigation System' that enables the vehicle to follow map routes downloaded from the internet.

Air conditioning and audio systems are managed by a touch screen located in the centre of the dashboard and the Concept-S fingerprint recognition technology is used to both lock and start the car with each fingerprint mapped to seat, engine and suspension settings for the particular driver.

The Paris Motor Show begins on 26th September 2002.

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