Racing "Billy Carts" down the steepest hill you could find was once the height of fun on a Saturday afternoon. For Dr. Marcio Ferez, the hand-made wooden trolley his father built in the backyard more than 50 years ago has become the basis for a new kind of land-based exercise machine - the CHAMPIOT Ultra. Described as "The Great Rowing Machine on Wheels", the basic elements of the 1947 design including the hand-propulsion system and chassis style are retained in the production of this four-wheeled, steel-framed "rowcycle" that accommodates persons from 4'6" to 6' 6" tall. Promoted as an alternative to a regime of push-ups or a visit to the gym rather than the fastest way to get from A to B, the push-pull motion of riding the CHAMPIOT Ultra strengthens the arms and upper torso while steering is controlled by applying force in either direction on the footbar. When not in use it can be transported using the same racks as for bicycles.The CHAMPIOT Ultra is now being manufactured in Florida for the consumer marketplace and costs US$549. Visit to learn more.

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