All Subarus to carry DataDot theft protection

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Subaru Australia has announced that every new vehicle will carry DataDots - a microscopic laser-etched Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) that can easily be identified by Police, insurers, registration authorities and authorised dealerships. First seen 2003 Imprezas released in late November, the DataDot technology has been gradually introduced across the entire Subaru range and by the end of the year an estimated 24,000 Subarus will each carry up to 10,000 of the microscopic DataDots.

Developed by Sydney company DataDot Technology, the tiny "fingerprints" can be applied to virtually any car component and are sprayed on in a random pattern using ultra-strong adhesive that makes them virtually impossible to remove. This combined with the sheer number of Dots makes it difficult for thieves to change the identity of stolen vehicles or swap parts.

The DataDot system supports existing State registration databases through its use of VINS, and does not rely on secondary private databases.

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